This page is dedicated to my data analyses and visualizations.

Denver Crime

I stumbled upon the Denver Crime Data on Kaggle and was fascinated by the unlimited potential for data analysis. The data are updated daily, and the dataset is approaching close to half of a million records. I ask and answer a few simple questions and lay the groundwork for future analyses. In the future I hope to leverage the shapefiles provided at leaflet/Shiny dashboard.

Tools: R, RMarkdown
Github Repo: Link
Link: RPubs

Weekly Crime Offenses in Denver,CO

2000-01 La Liga Table


Inspired by Ben Davis’ Where are teams picking up their points? viz, I decided to recreate the same viz from the 2000-01 La Liga season.

Tools: Tableau
Link: Tableau Public

2000-01 La Liga

Visualizing Madrid’s Injuries and Suspensions


Using data visualization to evaluate Real Madrid’s discipline and fitness issues from the 2017-18 La Liga season.

Tools: Tableau
Link: Tableau Public

Madrid's Injuries and Suspensions