I’m a data analyst at Metro Nashville Public Schools. My position is funded by a NIJ grant for the Nashville Longitudinal Study of Youth Safety and Wellbeing (NLSYSW). The study’s purpose is to develop a comprehensive dataset that will empower empirical research on the relationships between student, school, and neighborhood risk and protective factors related to youth safety and wellbeing. My primary role is to advise the research team on relevant district data that should be used for the study, of which I clean and document. I also support the district’s Student Support Services Department by working to decrease racial and ethnic disparities in office disciplinary referrals and use of exclusionary discipline throughout the district.


I received my undergraduate degree in mathematics and statistics from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, where I also competed on the men’s soccer team. After a brief stint working on a data quality/collection team in the sports industry, I transitioned into a data analytics/reporting position in E-commerce at Kohl’s supporting the digital vendor marketing team. In August 2019, my fiance and I moved from Milwaukee to Nashville to flee the Wisconsin winters and experience something new.

My professional interests include statistics, data analysis, and R-programming. Out of the office, I enjoy following Spanish soccer and being active. Two weeks into my coronavirus quarantine my neighbor convinced me to buy a pair of rollerblades, and I’ve been skating obsessively since. When I’m not outside or traveling, you can find me reading, exploring new music, or researching random topics.


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My email address is octhompson19(AT)gmail.com.

Also feel free to get in touch with me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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