In September 2018, ahead of Tottenham Hottspur’s UCL group stage match against Inter Milan, manager Mauricio Pochettino spoke at the pre-match press conference. While making a point about the benefit of experience when preparing for the highest levels of football he opted for an unusual metaphor:

“[Experience] is like a cow who sees a train everyday for 10 years crossing in front of her, and if you ask the cow when the train is coming she’s not going to answers.”

“Football Twitter” responded accordingly; analysts, journalists, and pundits all offered their interpretations of Pochettino’s statement, but one translation in particular captured my attention and I decided to write it down:

“Experience is only valuable if you have the capacity to analyze/adapt/grow from/communicate it.”

*Note: I wrote down the quote but didn’t write down the author… I’d love give credit where it is due, so if this is yours please let me know!

Sharing my experience with the world

So here I am close to a year after Poch’s press conference, with a miscellaneous blog on Github with a laundry list of projects and analyses that I’ve either considered, started, or finished. Many top data scientists agree on the benefits of starting a blog. I successfully got the blog off the ground, but I’ve failed to add consistent content to document my progress as a programmer.

This is my pledge to publish content more consistently whether it’s in a raw or polished format.