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Back Story

The Start

I started writing in 2016, mainly as a way for me to document my three month internship in Valencia, Spain. I purchased a year-long domain name subscription, Thompson Inquiry (eh, I thought it was catchy), and proceeded to share my thoughts and impressions of Spain. Despite scribbling down a quick summary of each day in the notes app on my phone, I only published a handful of blog posts over the three months.

It was at this time that I realized two things two things about myself: I’m inherited my mother’s perfectionism, and I was scared to write.

It’s not that fun, though

Reading and writing were never my strong points in school. I’d always opt to work on my math homework before anything else, and always procrastinate reading my assignments or writing my reports. My reading habbits have greatly improved, aided by authors like Malcolm Gladwell, Michael Crichton, and Charles Wheelan, who have writing styles combative to my attention span. I’m definitely more engaged in books with topics that I enjoy: math, statistics, psychology, sociology, football (soccer).

So. Much. Stuff.

Aside from literature, I’ve been overwhelmed by all the information available on the interweb. I started bookmarking everything in my browser. There were more articles, “Top 10 Skills every Data Analyst should know”, and How to data science skills than I could read. Bookmarks folders weren’t the answer… How about Google Docs? Yeah! Instead of bookmarks, I’d copy and paste urls of sites/blogs/etc that I could come back to. Three months later. Ah, that’s too much work. How about I send these links to myself via email? That way I forsure see it and remember it.

Needless to say, my obsession with ingesting every bit of the internet, everyone’s opinion, was getting in the way of establishing my own.

Time to change that…